Rat City Documentary Features Bobby Corrigan

Corrigan is part of the documentary that airs on CBC's "The Nature of Things." Find out what he enjoyed most about filming some of the new rodent control technology being used in New York City.

The Rat City documentary takes viewers on a behind the scenes journey to discover the remarkable superpowers of rats. For the film, Bobby Corrigan, industry consultant and rodent expert, gave his cutting edge expertise on rodents and took filmmakers on a "rat safari" on the environments rats use. PCT's Digital Editor Amanda Donchatz spoke with Corrigan on what he enjoyed most about filming and his current rat technology research taking place in New York City. 

Disclaimer: Rat City will air as part of the 62nd season of CBC's The Nature of Things. It is only broadcast in Canada, and will be released in the U.S. in the following months. To watch the trailer, visit https://youtu.be/8uylV13z71g